L’occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream. Review

Hello everybody!

Hope you’re all well and in a proper festive mood. Tell me how is your preparation for Christmas going? Have you decorated your home? Have you managed to buy any gifts? To me, personally, Christmas is the most beautiful holiday, and I thoroughly enjoy buying and wrapping gifts, making mulled wine at home, decorating my apartment, etc. It is a bit sad, though, that it is the 3rd Christmas in a row when I am away from my home country and my family, but, oh well, sometimes you have to make these decisions and sometimes you have to give up something. To counterbalance my nostalgic feelings about Christmas celebration at home, I should say, that we went a bit crazy this year in terms of decorating our beautiful flat in Liverpool. By saying ‘a bit crazy’ I mean, that we decorated our apartment with 32 meters of Christmas lights (see a picture below), and, yeah, it is mental. I mean, I’m 1.60 meters tall, and those lights are 20 times longer than I’m. Neighbours are saying that our apartment looks like a night club when it’s dark, hahaha 😀 But I like it so much. Do the Christmas lights make you excited too? Share your feelings/thoughts in the comments section below.


Today’s post is going to be about a new face cream that I wanted to get so badly, especially after trying its sample like a month or so ago. Let me start by explaining how I got my hands on this cream and why I fell in love with it from the first sight. So, like a month or so ago I was browsing the Internet and I came across with L’occitane’s promotion of new face care products. I went onto the page where I was asked to fill a short questionnaire about my skin and its problems. After completing this questionnaire, the programme chose the best cream to tackle my skin issues. And it was the time when I met with my new favourite face cream for the first time. The cream is called Pivoine Sublime with Peony Extract (Perfecting Cream).

Once the programme ‘decided’ which cream is the most suitable for me, I was allowed to print off a voucher that entitled me to a free 7-days sample of that cream. Who doesn’t like free stuff? So, I went to the nearest L’occitane shop in Liverpool City Centre, presented a voucher to a shop assistant and collected my free sample.

I got home, washed my make-up off, as I was impatient, and applied that cream onto my face. And I completely fell in love with it. Fell in love with it so strongly that I straightaway realised that I need to get a full size product. Although it is a bit pricey (£ 32 for a 50 ml pot), I still wanted to get it, and, definitely, Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself.

A little bit about the actual product


The label claims that the peonies’ extract should perfect your skin, correct complexion and texture irregularities. The cream is supposed to suit all skin types and enhance skin’s beauty. Over time, skin should become more and more beautiful. The cream intensely hydrates, boosts, makes your skin looking fresh, luminous and rested. Finally, it should make your skin feel smooth and velvety or, more precisely, pores, fine lines and imperfections should look reduced.

My experience

From my personal experience, I have to admit that this cream does most of the things that are stated on the label. I would not, though, agree with its claim that it’s suitable for all skin types. I would not recommend buying it if you have an extremely dry skin because, in my opinion, there is not that much of hydration in this cream. I mean it’s good for a light hydration but nothing more. You might try layering but then, again, what’s the point of using a pricey cream if you need to layer it, and you will run out of it very quickly.

The actual cream seems thick, while still in the pot, but feels really nice and light on your skin. Once you apply it, it takes only a couple of minutes to sink into your skin which is such a plus to me as I am all the time rushing out of my house. Skin feels plumped in just a few seconds.


What is more, I don’t know whether it’s my skin reacting to it this way or it’s the cream itself, but it feels that this cream forms a protective film on your face. That protective film ‘kind of’ locks hydration inside and works perfectly as a base for your foundation or a BB or a CC or a DD cream (depends what you use). I would not say that this cream evens out your skin tone, however, it does fill your pores and fine lines which, in turn, works like ‘a primer’ for your foundation/BB cream. During the winter months, my skin becomes a bit problematic due to changing weather and constant inside (warm) – outside (cold) changes. To tackle the problems of my skin, I tend to stick to one good product instead of layering 1000 products, therefore, this cream works wonders as I don’t need to layer up so many creams or serums in order to achieve the same result. This cream is indeed universal.


Furthermore, I have a sensitive skin and I am very picky in terms of the products I put on my face. This moisturiser did not cause me any allergic reactions. The cream, though, has a strong smell of peonies which might not be acceptable for some people, but I don’t mind, to be honest.

When I looked into the ingredients list, I was ‘shocked for a second’ because it’s quite extensive. However, there are not that many ingredients to worry about. Maybe fumaric acid can possibly cause skin irritation, however, it’s relatively low on the ingredients list, so, it shouldn’t cause any problems. This cream doesn’t contain any known parabens or unnecessary oils which is a plus because we don’t want to put pure chemicals on our face. The cream is enriched with peonies’ extract and mineral-based optical correctors to help to create that ‘perfect-looking’ complexion. Peonies are widely used in Chinese medicine for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. They are valued due to their ability to boost micro circulation, and, therefore, improve skin’s condition.

Overall, despite the minor drawbacks that are common to all products we use, it is an amazing moisturiser if you have ‘not too dry skin’. It is versatile as you do not need to use any primers afterwards. The skin feels soft, smooth and plumped just in a few minutes time. It a wonderful cream for people, who are all the time rushing and who cannot allow 15 minutes for the cream to sink in (My time is too precious to be wasted while waiting for the cream to sink in :D). Love this cream so much!

So, this was my review of this beautiful perfecting cream by the L’occitane. Tell me if you ever had a chance to use this cream? Did you like it or there was something what caused a negative opinion about this cream?

Have a nice day/evening!



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