Summer Skincare Favourites 2016

A deep sigh… Summer is over…But but but! Things aren’t as sad if you discovered some new favourites, right? This summer was particularly successful for me as I found so many new products and brands… So many that I can’t even wait as I want to share them all with you!

My skin

First of all, before jumping into the actual skincare favourites, I thought that I should talk about my skin as this will help to explain why I choose certain products and why they became my summer favourites.

So, my skin in general has the following characteristics:

  • fair;
  • prone to getting sunburns;
  • has quite a lot of little moles;
  • sensitive;
  • has some discoloration;
  • normal to oily or combination.

A bunch of wonderful factors that I need to take into consideration when choosing my skincare products. One might say that these ‘characteristics’ are nothing compared to acne skin but I guess people in general think that their own problems are worse than everyone else’s. Yes, I am grateful that I do not need to deal with acne but being so prone to getting sunburns and being unable to imagine my life without SPF (which tends to clog your pores) isn’t ideal too.

I am happy that this summer I managed to find products that really work! And I am also happy for the fact that I kept my skincare routine to a minimum avoiding unnecessary layering of thousands of products!


Before and after sun

Being quite fair means that SPF plays an important part in my skincare routine. I am not too fussy about sun creams as long as they don’t clog my pores and they have a good level of protection. This summer I chose Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids SPF 50 sun cream. The SPF is high enough, smell is quite the usual one, packaging small meaning it’s perfect for travelling, so what else do you need?

For some after-sun care I usually use my moisturisers but this summer I suffered really badly from a sun allergy, therefore, I had to make a bit of an investment into ‘serious stuff’. While being in Spain and wiping off my tears due to having a really strong sun allergy, I went to Spanish pharmacy and begged for help! A lovely pharmacist introduced me to an after-sun spray by brand know as ISDIN.  This stuff literally changed my life and I used it religiously everyday from the day I bought it! Sunburns and allergy disappeared completely after two days of using it!

Face cleanser

I am such a simple woman! No no, my personality is quite difficult but in terms of make-up removal, I am dead simple! I only use one cleanser to wash off my make-up! And I don’t use anything else! No make-up wipes, no cleansing oils…

This summer (and the whole year, I guess) I’ve been loving The Body Shop Foaming Face Wash from the Nutriganics range. It gets rid of make-up very easily, doesn’t dry my skin out and 99 % of its ingredients are of natural origin! And I love natural stuff!


I don’t have two separate moisturisers in my life – one for daytime and one for night. But I do have another product from The Body Shop Nutriganics range and it is known as Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream.  This cream sinks into your skin quicker than you get your foundation from the drawer of your vanity table! It also provides very balanced moisture without making your skin greasy and heavy. The fact that this cream has a pump also adds some bonus points to this product as putting your fingers into a cream pot isn’t as hygienic. Overall, it’s a wonderful product which suits my skin perfectly.


Every now and then my hands reach out for some sort of mask which would get rid of impurities and dead skin. I can instantly admit that I haven’t yet found my perfect mask and I don’t think that the mask which I am going to present in a second is my all time favourite. It has been my summer favourite, though. So, this summer I’ve been loving Uriage HYSÉAC Exfoliating mask which can be used both as a mask and as a scrub. Yes, I loved the fact that it is a multi-functioning product but I can tell you that this product works wonders! At first I was a bit unsure about this mask/scrub as with all the masks I never see any difference after using them. I used this product as a mask every third day and as a scrub once a week. I started noticing considerable changes after a solid month of using this product. I used to have a lot of blackheads on my nose and this mask helped me to get rid of them almost completely. Overall, it’s a great and convenient product suitable for many skin types!

So, these are my summer 2016 skincare top products which I have been loving, using and recommending throughout this summer. Although summer has said Good bye, most of these products will stay with me until new discoveries will beat them!

Tell me whether you found any new products this summer and whether you agree that less is more especially when we talk about skincare routine/products we use daily?



The Body Shop Haul

Happy Thursday everyone!

O-M-G how much I am loving spring and sun! And warm weather! And green grass! And blue sky! I am just L-O-V-I-N-G it! You know what I do love also!? – The Body Shop SALES! My purse, though, does not like it at all but ohh well… Today I decided to write a quick post about my recent purchases from the Body Shop and share some thoughts about them. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the actual post.


Satsuma Shower Gel 250 ml

Ohh boy, this stuff smells like heaven. The smell is really fresh and wakes me up so well in the morning. It’s just a shower gel, therefore, I don’t have any specific criteria… But definitely try this one out if you like citrusy scents.


Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray 100 ml

When days are getting hotter and hotter and when I start exercising outside more frequently, I must always equip myself with a good spray for my foot. There are not that many foot sprays on the market ( I mean, good foot sprays), so most of the time I opt for TBS Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray. And, it’s indeed cooling! It’s my fourth bottle, so I definitely recommend it! It’s an amazing thing for the summer time.


Facial Massager

O.K., the story of this item originates in Youtube! I’ve seen so many youtubers talking about this facial massager, therefore, I decided to give it a go. The purpose of this tool is to give a massage to your face after you put your night moisturiser and/or serum on. It should help your skin to absorb your cream/serum better as well as improve skin’s flexibility. I’ve used it only once, so I don’t have a strong opinion about it but I found it a bit too hard for my liking. But I’ll continue using it and I’ll update you in the future!


Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash 150 ml

Right, let me begin by saying that I hate playing with make-up removal wipes, oils and whatnot. I always go for a good cleanser which would remove all my make-up. Recently I was particularly looking for foaming cleansers, and I am a huge fan of The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser… The Tea Tree cleanser is cheaper comparing to Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash but Nutriganics one has 98 % ingredients of natural origin, so, it’s definitely better for you skin. I had this cleanser before and I really loved it, so 40 % off was a reason why I got it again!

Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream 50 ml

I am running out of my beloved L’occitane face cream, so I thought, I should get something from Nutriganics range. I haven’t tried this cream as yet but the reviews were positive, so fingers crossed!!!

Nutriganics Refreshing Toner 200 ml

It’s been ages since the last time I purchased/used any kind of toner. Never tried this one but again, I found a lot of positive opinions about it, so hopefully it won’t disappoint me.


So, these are all the items I got. Tell me whether you like these kind of posts. I am planning to do a skin-care routine post, so tell me whether you would be interested in that?

Have a nice day!


A little catch up and a new favourite

Hello, wonderful people!

I won’t start this post apologizing why I have been gone for around 1.5 month (as I start all my posts like that)… I better ask you all how have you been doing lately?  Anything exciting happening in your life?  Have you already planned your summer holidays? If yes, tell me the destination and your holiday plans in the comments’ section below.

Speaking about holidays, I can finally say that my dream holidays have been planned! I am super excited about them and I am literally counting my days until we set off. This year we decided to go for a road trip around Spain. I have booked 9 hotels, bought ferry tickets and planned some activities. Hopefully, everything will turn out all right… I am planning to do some posts about the planning of a road trip sharing my tips and tricks, so if you are interested, stay tuned for the future posts.

In addition, I am also planning to make a short movie of our adventures in Spain… I’ve never done something like this before but this trip might be the first time and hopefully not the last time I’ll be trying to make a video. I am still not sure how I’m going to do it… but I can ensure that I’ll share that video with you, guys 🙂

What is more…


I’ve been recently visited by one of my best friends here, in Liverpool. And she kindly brought me some presents all the way from Lithuania. One of her presents was a facial scrub with a crazy name “Go Nuts” from a Lithuanian brand know as Uoga Uoga (You can read about them here. ). At first I was a bit unsure how this gonna work as it came as a dry mixture rather than the usual form of a facial scrub… In order to make it wet, you have to mix it with either warm water or milk. What surprised me the most was the fact that you can also use it as a face mask. In order to use it this way, you just add a tiny bit of water/milk and you’re good to go.

It’s a natural facial scrub with almonds and white clay suitable for all skin types. The bits of almond are quite gentle on your skin, so it is definitely suitable for those who have sensitive skin. The smell is gorgeous, and I literally want to eat it! 😀 Uoga Uoga ships to the United Kingdom and other countries, so if you’re interested, definitely check their website out :). They have many more products which I’m looking forward to trying them out!

So this is it for this time. I’m hoping to be a bit more organised in terms of my posting in the future.

Thank you for stopping by,


What I got from Lithuania?

Hello, people!

How are you? How are you getting through February? England is still rainy and gloomy, therefore, my mood isn’t the best recently…  But I have received some lovely presents from my family that really surprised me and made me happy.

I love giving presents but I do also love receiving them especially if they are thoughtful and practical. So, this time I was massively spoiled by my mum and relatives, and I got really nice presents that I decided to share with you 🙂

 If you are curious to see what I got, please keep on reading.

Disclaimer: This post is not about me boasting! 


Books books books… I am just starting now reading books for my own pleasure. And it is so satisfying to know that I don’t need to read any textbooks for university!


This time I got three books in Lithuanian language, however, not all of them are just for reading them.

One of the books is “Slaptomane”  by Modesta Zukauskaite which is a workbook that helps you track your eating and fitness. It is basically a book for 6 months where you log your daily meals, water intake and fitness. It is supposed to help you loose weight and control your eating habits. Since this year I am all about loosing weight and becoming a healthier person, this book should become my best friend. I am already using it, so stay tuned for future updates about this book 🙂

Another book that goes hand-in-hand with the above mentioned “Slaptomane” workbook is “The rule of a small sin” by Agne Jagelaviciute. Agne is Lithuanian stylist known for her sharp comments on social media channels. I love her straightforwardness so much. Recently she came up with a book that contains around 100 recipes and her personal tips for people who struggle with their weight. She was overweight herself but somehow managed to lose a lot of weight and maintain it by still eating everything she wants. So, in this book she shares the recipes and tips that should help for everyone who struggles with their weight. I have already glanced over the book, and it contains a lot of dishes that can be made on daily basis. I am looking forward to trying something from this book.

The last book I got is “God always travels incognito” by Laurent Gounelle. The only thing I know about this book is the fact that it is an extremely popular book in Lithuania at the moment. From what I’ve heard, it’s a book that tells you a story that pushes you to think about the meaning of the life and your place in it.  Again, looking forward to reading it at the earliest time.



I’ve received a few bits and bobs that come under cosmetics category.


 As you can see from the picture. I have received a Clinique mini mascara. I have never tried anything from this brand, so I am curious to learn how this mascara performs.

I also got a travel size perfume atomiser which can be used to transfuse your perfume. It’s really handy for people who tend to travel only with a cabin luggage.

Finally, I also got a natural hand cream from a Lithuanian brand “Ziede”. I suffer from eczema, so a good hand cream is an essential for me. I’ve used this cream a couple of times and so far I love it. It lives on my job’s desk so that I could apply it anytime.



To be perfectly honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of accessories, and probably my family knows that. Although I don’t particularly like wearing jewellery, I do sometimes like having something small and not really noticeable. So, along with my other presents, I got a beautiful leather bracelet with a gold detail on it and a golden ring. I have to admit that I absolutely love both items, and they are right up my street!




Finally, I got some food as it is probably the standard present/thing I get from my home country. I have to admit that I miss Lithuanian cuisine so much because not all the things can be found in the UK. This time I got many packs of cheese “Dziugas” which is my favourite cheese in the world. I also got some sweet treats that are usually known as hematogen. Some people have never heard about it but it is a nutrition bar (sometimes even considered to be a medical product) that is made of sugar, milk, vanillin and other ingredients. The reason why it is sometimes considered to be a medical product is the fact that this bar can possibly treat low blood levels of iron and B12. As you may know, vegetarians can have a deficiency of B12, therefore, it is recommended to take additional vitamin B12. I am seriously hooked on hematogen, so these bars won’t stay in my cupboard for long. The last but not the least is coffee that I love so much! I can’t imagine my day without it, so coffee really makes a perfect gift for me.

So, these are all the presents I got from my family and relatives. I feel really blessed having people around me who are so thoughtful and kind to me. Of course, we should always appreciate not the material side of receiving presents but the attention and thoughts of our beloved ones

Now tell me do you like giving or receiving presents? And what would make a perfect present for you?


See you all soon!


2015 favourites

Long time no see, people, huh? I can completely blame myself for neglecting my blog but in the last couple of weeks I was indeed busy, and there was no time to put something on this blog… However, I already promised myself to be a bit more active throughout 2016, so we’ll see…

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had some quality time with your family and friends, stuffed your tummies with a-m-a-z-i-n-g food, and received presents that you wanted for a long time :). Tomorrow is the 1st of January, and, as Brad Paisley once said: “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one!”.

Today I decided to put together my favourite products/items of 2015, so that you could see what products I’ve been loving throughout 2015. So, without further explanation, let’s jump into my 2015 favourites.


I have attempted to split my favourites to some sort of categories such as body care, hair care, face care, make-up and random bits and bobs.

Hair care


If you read my blog, you probably already know that my ultimate favourite hair care product is…yes… the Body Shop Grape Seed Glossing Serum. I already did a post about this amazing product, so check it out here.

Another 2015 favourite is Bleach London Silver Conditioner. You’re probably now wondering why I am using a silver conditioner if I am not blonde? But this is not 100 per cent true since a couple of months ago I started dying my hair using belayage technique. And to maintain my highlights, I’ve been using this conditioner. It helps to get rid of that ginger/orange colour of my dyed hair. I absolutely love this product, and I will be soon making a separate blog post about it.

Face care


The ultimate favourites of my face care are the Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser and Avèn Thermal Water. I already spoke about this thermal water in my previous post, so you can check my thoughts about it. Talking about TBS cleanser, I just really love it. I use it religiously, and I believe, it is an amazing product for people who sometimes have breakouts. As you probably all know, tea tree is known for its ability to fight with pimples, so check this cleanser if you are looking for an affordable and effective product.

Body care


Well, as some of you know, I am not the biggest fan of the body care products but this year I found two amazing products. The first one is the Collistar Intensive Firming Cream which has already been mentioned in one of my first blog posts.  Another product has to be the Almond Hand and Nails Cream by the Body Shop. It’s  a super hydrating cream that sinks into your skin quickly and smells like heaven. My mum loves it too, so definitely check it out.



Cosmetics wise, I found two super amazing products that are part of my daily make-up routine. The first one is the Bobbi Brown BB Cream in light. This BB Cream feels light on the skin, perfectly matches my skin tone and stays on my skin throughout the day. I could not recommend it enough. It’s a super good product with SPF that is suitable for everyday use although it’s a bit pricey. But, believe me, a little goes a long way, so you won’t need to repurchase it any time soon.

Another make-up fave is L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara. It’s an ultimate discovery for me as I am really picky about the mascaras. It’s a unique mascara as its wand is flexible, therefore, it hits all the lashes. In addition, this mascara adds volume without looking ‘unnatural’. It’s super black and easy to work with. Although I am a massive fan of Maybelline mascaras, this one definitely works as well as Maybelline ones.

Random bits and bobs


If someone asks what is my all time favourite perfume, I don’t have an answer. But this year I found a scent that I particularly loved. I am quite sure though that next year I will have a new fave…but my favourite perfume this year is DOT by Marc Jacobs. Since I’m really rubbish at explaining/describing smells, I just copied-pasted the description from the internet.

Surprising and effervescent, energetic and alive—DOT by Marc Jacobs captures a charming, upbeat spirit with timeless sophistication. Simple and straightforward in statement, exuberant and feminine in design, DOT is a colorful Marc Jacobs creation that comes full circle with a balance of modernity and elegance.


The last random favourite is definitely a book about the 5:2 diet by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer. It’s a book about the 5:2 diet and its principles that are life changing. I won’t be telling anything more this time since I will be talking about this book in my future posts 🙂

So, these are my 2015 favourites. I already know that some of these things will be in my faves’ list of 2016. Do you have any items that you loved throughout 2015? If yes, share them below 🙂

See you all very soon.


L’occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream. Review

Hello everybody!

Hope you’re all well and in a proper festive mood. Tell me how is your preparation for Christmas going? Have you decorated your home? Have you managed to buy any gifts? To me, personally, Christmas is the most beautiful holiday, and I thoroughly enjoy buying and wrapping gifts, making mulled wine at home, decorating my apartment, etc. It is a bit sad, though, that it is the 3rd Christmas in a row when I am away from my home country and my family, but, oh well, sometimes you have to make these decisions and sometimes you have to give up something. To counterbalance my nostalgic feelings about Christmas celebration at home, I should say, that we went a bit crazy this year in terms of decorating our beautiful flat in Liverpool. By saying ‘a bit crazy’ I mean, that we decorated our apartment with 32 meters of Christmas lights (see a picture below), and, yeah, it is mental. I mean, I’m 1.60 meters tall, and those lights are 20 times longer than I’m. Neighbours are saying that our apartment looks like a night club when it’s dark, hahaha 😀 But I like it so much. Do the Christmas lights make you excited too? Share your feelings/thoughts in the comments section below.


Today’s post is going to be about a new face cream that I wanted to get so badly, especially after trying its sample like a month or so ago. Let me start by explaining how I got my hands on this cream and why I fell in love with it from the first sight. So, like a month or so ago I was browsing the Internet and I came across with L’occitane’s promotion of new face care products. I went onto the page where I was asked to fill a short questionnaire about my skin and its problems. After completing this questionnaire, the programme chose the best cream to tackle my skin issues. And it was the time when I met with my new favourite face cream for the first time. The cream is called Pivoine Sublime with Peony Extract (Perfecting Cream).

Once the programme ‘decided’ which cream is the most suitable for me, I was allowed to print off a voucher that entitled me to a free 7-days sample of that cream. Who doesn’t like free stuff? So, I went to the nearest L’occitane shop in Liverpool City Centre, presented a voucher to a shop assistant and collected my free sample.

I got home, washed my make-up off, as I was impatient, and applied that cream onto my face. And I completely fell in love with it. Fell in love with it so strongly that I straightaway realised that I need to get a full size product. Although it is a bit pricey (£ 32 for a 50 ml pot), I still wanted to get it, and, definitely, Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself.

A little bit about the actual product


The label claims that the peonies’ extract should perfect your skin, correct complexion and texture irregularities. The cream is supposed to suit all skin types and enhance skin’s beauty. Over time, skin should become more and more beautiful. The cream intensely hydrates, boosts, makes your skin looking fresh, luminous and rested. Finally, it should make your skin feel smooth and velvety or, more precisely, pores, fine lines and imperfections should look reduced.

My experience

From my personal experience, I have to admit that this cream does most of the things that are stated on the label. I would not, though, agree with its claim that it’s suitable for all skin types. I would not recommend buying it if you have an extremely dry skin because, in my opinion, there is not that much of hydration in this cream. I mean it’s good for a light hydration but nothing more. You might try layering but then, again, what’s the point of using a pricey cream if you need to layer it, and you will run out of it very quickly.

The actual cream seems thick, while still in the pot, but feels really nice and light on your skin. Once you apply it, it takes only a couple of minutes to sink into your skin which is such a plus to me as I am all the time rushing out of my house. Skin feels plumped in just a few seconds.


What is more, I don’t know whether it’s my skin reacting to it this way or it’s the cream itself, but it feels that this cream forms a protective film on your face. That protective film ‘kind of’ locks hydration inside and works perfectly as a base for your foundation or a BB or a CC or a DD cream (depends what you use). I would not say that this cream evens out your skin tone, however, it does fill your pores and fine lines which, in turn, works like ‘a primer’ for your foundation/BB cream. During the winter months, my skin becomes a bit problematic due to changing weather and constant inside (warm) – outside (cold) changes. To tackle the problems of my skin, I tend to stick to one good product instead of layering 1000 products, therefore, this cream works wonders as I don’t need to layer up so many creams or serums in order to achieve the same result. This cream is indeed universal.


Furthermore, I have a sensitive skin and I am very picky in terms of the products I put on my face. This moisturiser did not cause me any allergic reactions. The cream, though, has a strong smell of peonies which might not be acceptable for some people, but I don’t mind, to be honest.

When I looked into the ingredients list, I was ‘shocked for a second’ because it’s quite extensive. However, there are not that many ingredients to worry about. Maybe fumaric acid can possibly cause skin irritation, however, it’s relatively low on the ingredients list, so, it shouldn’t cause any problems. This cream doesn’t contain any known parabens or unnecessary oils which is a plus because we don’t want to put pure chemicals on our face. The cream is enriched with peonies’ extract and mineral-based optical correctors to help to create that ‘perfect-looking’ complexion. Peonies are widely used in Chinese medicine for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. They are valued due to their ability to boost micro circulation, and, therefore, improve skin’s condition.

Overall, despite the minor drawbacks that are common to all products we use, it is an amazing moisturiser if you have ‘not too dry skin’. It is versatile as you do not need to use any primers afterwards. The skin feels soft, smooth and plumped just in a few minutes time. It a wonderful cream for people, who are all the time rushing and who cannot allow 15 minutes for the cream to sink in (My time is too precious to be wasted while waiting for the cream to sink in :D). Love this cream so much!

So, this was my review of this beautiful perfecting cream by the L’occitane. Tell me if you ever had a chance to use this cream? Did you like it or there was something what caused a negative opinion about this cream?

Have a nice day/evening!


Give-away! CLOSED

Hey, lovely people!

How are you all doing? How was your Halloween?

I am so glad that Halloween has passed as I am not a fan of it at all. Today is the 1st of November, and, as every year, November is an exceptional month for me because in two weeks time I will be celebrating my birthday. I am not too sure whether ‘celebration’ fits into my current mood. I mean, it’s becoming weird to celebrate the fact that you are literally getting older and older :D. I will be turning 22 this month, and 22 is quite a big number for me.

However, this post is not about that. As I was planning before, I finally bought a domain, and now you can find me simply via

To celebrate this and to say thank you for all the people (even if there are only few of them) who read my blog, I decided to do a mini give-away. The give-away will last for approximately 2 weeks, and I will choose a winner on the 14th of November.

The rules for the give-away are:

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old. Those, who are under 18, have to get a permission from their parents.
  2. You have to fully meet all the requirements in order to participate.
  3. If you are a winner, you will be contacted straightaway on the 14th of November via the e-mail. If you do not respond within 7 days, I will be giving a prize to another person.
  4. In order to participate in a give-away, you have to write a comment in a comments section down below by answering one simple question: What blog posts would you like to see on my blog in the future?
  5. You also have to subscribe to my blog either by following it via the WordPress or by simply clicking on menu button (right top corner) and subscribing via the e-mail.
  6. Once you leave the comment, you have to drop me an e-mail via with your nick name under which you commented on this blog post (I need this to be done so that I could contact you in case you win this give-away).
  7. This give-away is international, so everyone is welcomed.

And, now, prizes! The person, who wins this give-away, will get these prizes: Lip Balm Collection, Sweet Snuggles Hand Lotion with Nail File, H&M Blusher, Sweet Vanilla Candle, Necklace, Bobbi Brown Foundation Sample, and a bag that says: “Nobody cares about your hashtags”.




Good luck everyone! See you all very soon!