Summer Beach Essentials

Long time, no see! I was gone for a little while and it’s been ages since I posted anything on my blog. To be honest, I was a bit busy with the planning of my holidays, therefore, there were no posts in the past couple of months. Talking about holidays, I decided to write a quick post about my summer beach essentials. So, enough rambling, let’s begin!


Sun protection

You should not even try going to the beach without any protection especially if you are as pale as I am. I choose SPF 50 due to having quite fair skin… My go to skin care protection brand is Garnier. I like Garnier products due to their good quality and reasonable price. If you have an option, go for kids’ sun protection lotion as it is suitable for a very sensitive skin and ?probably? has less crap in terms of ingredients. In addition, I’ve noticed that people tend to ignore their lips but they are particularly important, so I never skip a lip balm with SPF.


Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has become one of my essentials because, we can all agree, in the beach hair tend to look quite horrible. Dry shampoo can be a life saver! My favourite is a Batiste one.


Thermal water 

Haha, you are probably thinking ‘O-M-G, she again speaks about the thermal water.’ Well, guys, there is nothing I can do but just praise this water even more. When you’re super hot, grab your bottle of the thermal water and spray a little bit straight onto your face! You will instantly feel super refreshed! My favourite thermal water is from the brand known as Avène.


Wet wipes

I hate being all greasy due to sun cream, so wet tissues always come in handy. I use them for literally everything and they don’t cost fortune too.


Random bits and bobs

While some people can’t imagine their beach time without sunglasses (I wear them too), I can’t imagine my ideal day at the beach without a good book. This summer I choose to read ‘God always travels incognito’ by Laurent Gounelle.


Finally, if I want to simply relax, close my eyes and enjoy my time on the beach, I opt for my pink Ipod music player full of summer hits and relaxing tunes.


So, these are my summer beach essentials! I am curious to know what are yours? Share your beach essentials in the comments’ section below 🙂

Have a nice upcoming week!



Summer essentials

We don’t have that many sunny days here, in England, however, when we do – it’s important to take care of your skin. I am pale as a sheet of paper, therefore I need proper care for my skin which usually tends to be very sensitive. I am very sceptical about using a lot of products though. So, here is my top 3 summer essentials that maintain normal condition of my skin throughout the summer.

image[1] Body lotion/cream by Collistar. I don’t particularly like those heavy and greasy body butters, therefore I choose to use something light on my skin. Collistar Crema Rassodante Intensiva (Intensive firming cream) is my go-to favourite this summer. This lotion is full of active ingredients, super absorbable and exceptionally smooth. It protects the collagen and elastic fibres gradually giving increased tone and compactness as well as nourishment and moisture to your body skin. I love this product because it sinks into my skin very quickly, and in general it’s a perfect cream after sunbathing.

[2] I also don’t forget my hands. In order to protect and nourish them I use Lithuanian brand Margarita ecological hand cream with oat milk and cranberry extract. What I like about this cream is that it’s cheap and performs particularly well for the price you pay. Oat milk has moisturising and soothing properties whereas cranberry extract protects from damaging environmental effects such as sun. It’s particularly suitable for sensitive skin and it sinks very well too. Cheap, great quality and nice smelling product!

[3] Last but not least is face cream by M&S (Pro-Tolerance Anti-Redness Instant Relief Cream). Honestly I never tried any cosmetics from M&S because usually I don’t go there very often. Last time I’ve been there was when we got £100 voucher to spend, and this was the time when I bought this cream. This cream gently calms and comforts whilst leaving skin feel hydrated. It also has some cooling and soothing properties, thus it’s a good cream to use in the summer. This cream is supposed to reduce redness on your face, and to my surprise it does what it says, however, in order to maintain a long-term effect you shouldn’t be lazy. Apply it every morning and evening. Overall, it’s a really nice, lightweight cream which is even suitable to use before you apply your foundation. Highly recommend.

So, these are my top 3 summer essentials which are used pretty much every day. Tell me what are your favourite summer products?